Black Mirror Season 4 Review – USS Callister & Arkangel



Black Mirror Season 4 has been released and once again, it’s an amazing season. For this season, we decided to do a three episode review of the season (Covering two Black mirror episodes per review). So, for this first review, we discuss the first two episodes of season 4, USS Callister and Arkangel. Both episodes do a great job of really setting the tone for this season of Black Mirror and preparing us for just how crazy things would get.
USS Callister is great for several reasons. First, as a Star Trek fan, I was obviously pleased. It nails so many little tropes and pays homage perfectly. But it also serves as a really good micro-commentary on the toxicity in nerd cultural, particularly the rage of passive aggressive white male nerds. The episode also brings up the interesting question what makes something alive? Do the digital clones of real people count as real people?
Arkangel brings up the question of where’s the line when it comes to parenting? And even better, what’s real parenting? Being able to spy on your child 24/7 doesn’t mean you can protect them from the evils of the world and in fact, it could mean you’re putting them more in danger. Also, technology is never a good substitute for sitting down and actually having a conversation with your child. 
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