Black Mirror Season 4 Review – Metalhead & Black Museum

We wrap up our discussion of Black Mirror Season 4 with the last two episodes, Metalhead and Black Museum. 
Metalhead is pretty straight forward. It’s probably our least favorite of this season but that’s not because it was bad but just because this season is so good, something had to be last. One thing that’s great about Metalhead is that the cinematography is great. The decision to shoot it in black & white really adds to the depressing themes of the episode. 
Black Museum is probably one of the best episode of Black Mirror. First off, it’s like 4 stories in one. It serves as a great commentary on Black Mirror as a whole and has plenty of artifacts and easter eggs from plenty of seasons. Oh and there’s plenty of “wtf” moments. I mean, would you want your dead ex living in your head? But beyond that, it really calls out how America has no qualms about building businesses off of black pain. Commodifying and profiting off of black pain is something America has always done and Black Museum really shows that. We discuss the significance of it all.
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