Black Mirror Season 4 Review – Crocodile & Hang The DJ


We’re back with more Black Mirror Season 4!

In our first episode, we reviewed the episodes USS Callister and Arkangel. This time, we’re reviewing episode 3, Crocodile, and episode 4 Hang the DJ. Once again, two very good episodes.

Crocodile pretty much shows how vile and despicable people can be. Mia goes to disgusting lengths to try to protect the life she’s made. We watch as she gets progressively worse, starting with being a bystander with little responsibility all the way to a family annihilator. There’s also an interesting discussion to have about class and the way those with wealth and privilege see those without as deserving lesser humanity. Oh and we have a lot of questions about the privacy implications of the device Shazia used to help look through people’s memories.

Hang the DJ is a “lighter” episode in the context of Black Mirror as a whole (and particularly season 4. But for anyone who has dealt with the struggles of being single and trying to date, it can also be pretty on-the-nose and bleak.

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