Black Lightning Interview – Cress Williams Talks Black Fatherhood & Putting on the Suit


CW’s Black Lightning is bringing a (much needed) new look to the network’s existing stable of super hero shows. While not directly part of the “Arrowverse” world, Black Lightning will see not just one black super hero suit up but an entire black family. During San Diego Comic-Con this year we were able to chat with Cress Williams about his character, Jefferson Pierce, and the overall significance of the show.

Williams talks about joining the likes of Jesse L Martin’s Joe West as part of CW’s black fatherhood moments on their superhero shows. He talks about the importance of the show and what it means for representation on TV. And the talks about what it felt like to first see then put on the suit for the first time.

Black Lightning centers on Jefferson Pierce. He made his choice: He hung up the suit and his secret identity years ago, but with a daughter hellbent on justice and a star student being recruited by a local gang, he’ll be pulled back into the fight as the wanted vigilante and DC legend Black Lightning.

Black Lightning premieres on January 16th. Shanna & The Doctor will be reviewing Black Lightning on the Super Tuesday Recap podcast so make sure you subscribe.



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