Black Critic Roundtable: Toronto Film Festival 2019

 Kriss and Joi get together for this Black Critic Roundtable to discuss their experiences at the 2019 Toronto Film Festival. The release of this episode is a bit late but better late than never.
This was Kriss’ first Toronto Film Festival and overall it was enjoyable. It was refreshing to do a festival/convention that treated press as professionals. The staff that work the Toronto Film Festival are not only wonderful people but help to make the job of press easier. And that’s the important piece of covering these festivals. It’s work. Yes we get to see films for free but we are also rushing between theaters, jotting down quick notes in the dark and trying to remember to eat at least once a day. Having a festival that has a staff that provides much needed help and services takes a huge load off of the shoulders of press, particularly independent press.
As for the films, this was a great year at TIFF. The first weekend was packed (First lesson learned: Stay until Wednesday or you’ll miss something). We talk about some of our favorite films that we saw at TIFF this year (as well as some of the ones we didn’t like).
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