Black Critic Roundtable: Black Films of 2019


We're finally back with our much promised Black Critic Roundtable talking about the Black films and performances of 2019. Overall, 2019 was a pretty good year not just for films overall, but black films and performances. We start off our discussion with the obvious Oscar contender Black & Blue starring Tyrese tears. Just kidding. Although we have to give the marketing team credit for the boldness of their "For Your Consideration" emails for this movie. 

While there are a lot of good movies and performances to talk about, one thing that did stand out to us is that we seem to be moving out of slave movies into "civil rights" movies. And while there is nothing wrong with films like Just Mercy, Clemency and others, it does make us wish we could get more variety in our films outside of just leaning on black pain, suffering and our struggle to overcome. 

But sit back and listen as we talk about our favorite (and least favorite) Black films and performances of the last year. You can also get an early taste of our disdain for the Oscar nominations. We'll be back before the Oscars to talk about the horrendous nominations and our picks. Stay tuned. 


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