Bentonville Film Festival 2021: 7 Days


If we’re going to get a flood of films about quarantining during COVID, then let’s all hope they’re done like 7 Days. Imagine going on the worst first date ever. Now imagine that first date was set up by your parents as a part of the process of an arranged marriage. Now imagine after that worst date ever if you ended up having to quarantine together because Covid exploded and caused cancelled flights and stay-at-home-orders. That’s what happens with Ravi and Rita in 7 Days and it’s a hilarious (and also serious) look at what it means to discover love when the initial meeting goes disastrously. 

7 Days does a great job of balancing the humor with some very serious and emotional moments. At it’s core, this film is really about what it means to fall in love. Both characters are opposite extremes. Karen Soni’s Ravi is very traditional and conservative and has a very naive opinion on love. On the other hand, Geraldine Viswanathan’s Rita is more carefree and has a jaded opinion on love. What we see throughout the film is that neither of them is right and there is a middle ground. We go on a journey as they open up to each other and learn more about each other through a forced situation. 

The other thing this film does really well is handle the cultural elements of arranged marriages. For many who have no understanding of arranged marriages, it seems like a really crazy idea that couldn’t possibly end well. There’s also a stereotype that arranged marriages means underaged brides. But 7 Days does a great job of showing a more measured side. First, there are those that not only embrace it but look forward to it. Also, in 7 Days, the men and women we see are of age. What it really comes down to is consent. 

There’s a really good balance between comedy and seriousness in this film. It actually starts off mostly as a comedy but as the days go on and things happen, there’s a more dramatic and serious turn. There are some really good conversations with Rita and Ravi both examining their beliefs on love and what it means.

7 Days is very entertaining. For those that aren’t really into romantic comedies, this movie is still worth checking out.

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