Discussing the 5 part documentary series on HBO, ‘Being Serena’


Welcome back to DocuDrunks! Its been a long time, shouldn't have left you lol (couldn't help it). On this episode we briefly review the Rkelly documentary by the BBC called 'Sex, Girls and Videotape and the Serena Williams 'Being Serena' on HBO. On the Serena doc we discuss:

  • Finding a true love
  • Winning a grand slam while preggos
  • Ignoring black women's pain
  • Her wedding
  • Losing her rank
  • Her decision to stop breast feeding

You can find the Rkelly "Sex, Girls and Videotape' doc on Youtube and the Serena Williams 'Being Serena' 5 part documentary series on HBO.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns or even a documentary suggestion please feel free to contact me at latoya.foster@mtrnetwork.net

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