Batwoman S2 E5-6: All Crows Are Bastards


Now that we've got the introductions out of the way, our characters are rubbing up against each other and the lines of morality they've been crossing since season one. While Ryan is succumbing to her Kryptonite bullet wound because she doesn't want to admit any weakness, Luke's alliance with Alice and Mary's connection to Hamilton Dynamics continues to put Ryan in danger and push her to compromise her ethics both in and out of the Batsuit. 

Meanwhile, Jacob and Crowphie (yup, you read that right) somehow manage to flout the law while self-righteously lecturing everyone on their lack of morals. Both of them are supposedly doing this for Kate but they're actually avoiding taking any responsibility for their past and current actions. 

And finally, Alice tracks down Ocean and she really, really, means to kill him but like any good CW drama ... it's complicated. We discuss this, fight sex, Ryan's lack of edges, and more in this week's podcast. 

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