‘Baby Driver’ – A Great Movie With an Even Better Soundtrack

A great soundtrack and a great movie. Our only problem is that releasing it in June makes it hard for it to get any legs

Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver is a fast past, fun heist movie that is both unique and fresh, while hitting the typical heist movie beats. You can always tell when a movie is a passion project of a great director because the level of detail and effort put in is hard to ignore. Baby Driver is Wright’s passion project come to life after 22 years as a concept in his head.

The most standout part of this film is the soundtrack and how it is integrated into this movie. Unlike most films where the music gets added in after the film is shot, because its importance, the music in Baby Driver was obtained first then had scenes shot around it. It makes for a thrilling film.

Our only real complaint about this film is that it seems like an odd time to release this film and that maybe later in the year would get it more attention. Listen to our full review to get all our thoughts on this film and leave us a comment to tell us what you thought.

Also the soundtrack was released last Friday and can be purchased on iTunes. Also released was the “Chase Me” music video by Danger Mouse featuring RTJ & Big Boi, so check that out as well.


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