Awesome Con 2019 in Photos


Awesome Con is an event that is always advertised as by the fans and for the fans.  It is what makes covering the event so unique each year we choose to go.  The last several years the timing of the event has shifted quite a bit.  It was dependably a summer event, but the last two years have seen it move to Easter weekend in 2018, and to Endgame weekend in 2019.  Fans continue to enjoy it, but I can't help but feel that this year some of the attendance has fallen off.  One of the things they will want to do for next year is to decide and potentially stick to a season where individuals are able to come out.  It's becoming increasingly family friendly, but continues to take place during weekends that are not conducive to widespread travel.  That said, instead of writing a long article (we will have a few articles about specific events coming out soon), I decided to settle on a photo slide show to give readers a sense of what the event was like.  One of the main highlights was a reconfiguration of the exhibit floor.  A 90 degree rotation of the aisles made all the difference of the ability of con goers to navigate the walkways without discomfort.  That said, the location of the halls, the panel rooms, and the exhibit hall coupled with the inactive escalators made some of the navigation a bit tricky.  It is still an enjoyable event, and the talent was rather personable with con goers.  





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