August Pull List: Doomsday Clock, House of X & Powers of X and More


So small announcement. Normally we discuss our comic pull lists at the end of each Mailbag on the Super Tuesday Recap podcast. But we've decided to do some reorganization and make the Pull List a special recurring episode on the Character Corner. It just makes more sense to discuss the comics we're reading on our comic book podcast. So...welcome to the August Pull List on the Character Corner. Every few months we'll discuss what we've been reading the last few months and have some discussions on that. Below is a taste of what we discuss this episode:

  • Power Rangers
  • Dpalm is not a fan of the new IDW Transformers books
  • Doomsday Clock is finally living up to the hype
  • Heroes in Crisis and can Wally finally get a break
  • Tom King is putting Batman through the ringer
  • It's official: Jason Aaron has the greatest Thor run
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates is scary good on Captain America
  • Hickman is about to blow our minds with House of X and Powers of X

That's just a taste of what we discuss (We talk for 90 minutes and didn't even get to everything). Hope you enjoy and we'll be back with a new Pull List in October. Don't worry, our New Mutants Part 1 Character Corner will be out in a week or so.

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