‘Atomic Blonde’ Needs More Action and a Better Script

Theron and McAvoy do the best they can to salvage a weak script. The action is pretty good, with the best scenes coming at the end that haven't been spoiled by trailers.


Atomic Blonde is a film with great action and a great cast that will ultimately leave audiences feeling underwhelmed due to misleading promotion and a poor script. First off, the promotion of Atomic Blonde as the “First Female Bond” is not only misleading but doesn’t do the type of film Atomic Blonde is trying to be justice. Atomic Blonde is attempting to be a dark, gritty spy thriller set in the late 80’s with a more realistic feel to it. None of that describes any film starring James Bond. Trailers focused on the action in addition to David Leitch as director, may give audiences the impression that this is in the same vein as John Wick but that would also be a mistake. The John Wick movies are usually light on story and focused mostly on action. Atomic Blonde attempts to do more with its story, it just doesn’t do it well. And that’s a shame. With actors like Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, John Goodman, Toby Jones and others, the potential is there for an amazing story. Sadly, it’s just wasted potential. The acting is good, but that’s just because the raw talent in this film compensates for the script they were given.

Atomic Blonde isn’t a bad film. Anyone who wanted to see this film, definitely should. The action scenes are brutal and fantastic. Theron and McAvoy are great. But when the credits roll, there’s a good chance audiences might feel a little empty inside wishing there had been a more robust story.

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