Astonishing X-Men #7-24 Comic Book Book Club This Saturday


When: Saturday January 31th, 2015 at 4 pm est

Where: Live on Spreecast here

What: We started this series already and we'll be finishing it up.  This means Volume 2 (Dangerous), Volume 3 (Torn) and Volume 4 (Unstoppable) as well as the Giant Size Astonishing X-Men #1.  This series is on Marvel Unlimited and will be issues 7-24 plus the Giant Size.  If you decide to buy the TPBs, Volume 4 does include the Giant Size.

astonishing-x-menI'll try to add some discussion points and questions here before Saturday.  This is a pretty packed panel so I won't be adding anyone else to the discussion but feel free to send me an email to join one of our other upcoming panels.  Also if you want, you can send in an email with your thoughts and we'll read them on air.  Send your emails to CBBC@MovieTrailerReviews.Net



Charles (Kriss)

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