Arrow Season 6×15 Review Doppelgänger – Speedy’s Back



This week on Arrow, Thea Queen dons the hood (and sword) again as Speedy and instantly everything is right in the world again. Willa Holland's Thea Queen is one of my favorite characters in the Arrowverse. She's grown so much and this episode, plus the return of Colton Haynes as Roy Harper really set up for what feels like a good bye for both characters. If that's the route being taken, then we're happy to see Thea go out as Speedy one last time.

This week felt like a step up from a lot of stumbles and we only have a few nitpicks. First, how did the Swat Team know Team Arrow was trying to rescue Roy? Also, while having Black Siren pretend to be this Earth's Laurel Lance is a good twist, we really need the writers to stop being so heavy handed and obvious that we shouldn't trust her. We get it. We didn't need that last scene with the text message.

Overall, this was a good episode and next week Nyssa returns so the hits just keep coming.

Roy Harper returns to Star City and Oliver and Thea take action to save him when they discover the reason why he's come back.

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