Arrow Season 6×10 Review – What Was the Damn Plan Oliver?

Hey, at least this episode wasn’t as bad as this week’s episode of The Flash right? For all the talk about Arrow doing the same thing over again, we do need to give some credit for the changes they make. Sure, in Divided, Oliver is back to being a lone wolf. And we still don’t know what his plan was (spoiler: he had no plan). But the end of the episode didn’t end how it has in the past. The new team splitting off onto their own is a new development. So credit where credit is due.
That said…we’d be okay with this split if the new team wasn’t 100% wrong. Dinah and Rene have no ground to stand on. Rene’s betrayal is what led to this whole thing yet she’s more upset with Oliver? It’s just really weird and doesn’t make sense.
Hey, Arrow still has some of the best choreographed fight scenes in the Arrowverse though.
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Oliver discovers one of Cayden's secrets; he decides to team up with an unlikely ally to defeat him; Dinah spends time with Vince.



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