Arrow S8E3 Review – All Part of the Plan


Arrow continues its march to the series end with a trip around to some of the most important places with some of the most important people with Leap of Faith. This episode Oliver is back at Nanda Parbat and meets up with Thea and Talia to gain more information on The Monitor. In the future, Connor, Mia, Zoe & William try to take down and stop JJ and it ends up with fatal results. That is until they get transported to the past and end up in the bunker...with Oliver. This all leads to an important question: Was this all part of a plan of Mar Novu/The Monitor? He's a cosmic being and while Oliver's whole reason for going to Nanda Parbat was to dig up information on him, wouldn't Mar Novu know this? So far, every episode, he's being sending Oliver to different places to gather different things for him. In this episode, where he doesn't show up, it's easy to think this was a break from that. But a closer look we see that by the end of this episode, three things of significance happen:

  • Thea basically wins the title of leader of what's remaining of the League of Assassins & then partners with Talia to form a "League of Heroes"
  • Lyla and Diggle save a young Connor and Sandra Hawke, paving way for Connor eventually being raised by Diggle & Lyla
  • Mia, Willam and Connor from the future are transported back in time (oddly enough the same way the Monitor movies through time and worlds) and end up in the bunker with their father(s) and Team Arrow

In the end, this all seems like manipulations by Novu and that Oliver, while thinking he was doing something of his own free will, was actually unwittingly doing his bidding. also continues the smoke screen of making his dealings seem shady when they're all part of a larger plan.

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