Arrow S8E1 Review – A Snitch on Infinite Earths


With all the great things that happened in Arrow S8E1 Starling City, it says something to me that one of the most satisfying things was watching Oliver put a knee to the face of Earth-2 Rene. Look, Rene is STILL a snitch and deserves beatdowns from Ollie any time there's an opportunity. Sorry not sorry.

Anyway, the final season of Arrow takes us all the way back to the beginning....sorta. We have more information on what Oliver is doing for The Monitor to prepare for the upcoming Crisis. We also get to witness first hand an Earth being erased. As we said on The Flash review, Crisis is inevitable. 

Arrow S8E1: Oliver, Laurel and Diggle in costume preparing

Please get Diggle a Power Ring and stop making him strap on this ridiculous helmet
Photo Credit: CW

Some things that stood out this episode:

  • It was great to see Moira again. Susanna Thompson has been missed. Also missed has been the chemistry she has with Stephen Amell. Say what you want about Amell's acting chops, his scenes with Thompson are always fantastic and seeing them reunited this episode (even briefly) was wonderful
  • Batman is clearly coming. Obviously we have the Batwoman TV show but there's been too many mentions of Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight in the Arrowverse prior to that to ignore. And we get a direct mention of Bruce Wayne this episode
  • Adrian Chase as the Hood with Laurel training him. I love that no matter the Earth, Adrian and Oliver just don't like each other, even if they're on the same side. Also, it's nice to see Laurel stepping up and being the hero Oliver knew she could be. 
  • Speaking of Laurel and heroes, the future plot line is super interesting and is shaping up to be a great backdoor pilot for Canaries. With Laurel's Earth now seemingly destroyed, it makes sense she would come back and help form the Canaries to carry on the task of heroes
  • Oliver and Diggle. Brothers to the end. Also, give Diggle a Power Ring. Watching him strap on that bicycle helmet made it look even more ridiculous

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Charles (Kriss)

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    Sofa King 21 October, 2019 at 22:15 Reply

    Man. why can’t Season 8 of Arrow just be ten episodes of Oliver handing out fades to different versions of Rene’s snitch ass, across the multiverse?

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