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Man I hated the fact that Arrow was on break for the last couple of weeks.  And it coming back this week is just a reminder to me that we're now coming into the last half of this season and I'm going to have an even longer wait.  Especially since this season has been so good.  I really enjoyed Season 1.  I binged watched it on Netflix and it was good.  But it had to develop into a really good show.  People like to rewrite history and act like Arrow started knocking it out of the park right out the gate.  It didn't.  And it had its fair share of dull episodes.  But Season 2 has been infinitely better and this show is definitely firing on all cylinders.

ArrowThis is another one of those episodes where the main storyline and villain aren't the main attraction.  I don't mind these episodes.  Sure, it's nice to have an episode like Heir to the Demon where Nyssa al Ghul was an awesome main threat and part of the storyline.  But I also like these episodes where the main villain and plot are just used to move forward some side storylines and character development.  Robert Knepper actually does a very good job as William Tockman a.k.a. the Clock King.  I would love to see him back at some point in the future (maybe even next season).  I loved the fact that he was a challenging threat because of his hacking ability and was capable of countering Felicity.  What would be nice to see in future episodes would be some villains teaming up in a way that challenged the whole team.  I think if you take the planning/hacking of Tockman and team it up with a physical threat like, Slade, it could really push Oliver's team.

As for the rest of this episode, I feel like this is going to be remembered as the "Calm before the storm" episode. There's a lot of things I feel are coming around the corner and everyone on this show is near their breaking point (even when they're trying to show they aren't).  We have a Oliver's team looking really crowded right now, the Lance family (not just Laurel) really struggling, Oliver and Moira not talking and then at the very end, Slade Wilson reveals himself to Oliver in the most unexpected way.  Let's go through these one by one.

Crowded Arrow Cave - I mentioned this last week and  it's obvious the writers of this show are aware of it.  To me, it's understandable why Felicity would be feeling a little left out.  Sure, it seemed a little silly that she was jealous that she didn't have any battle scars but when you think about it, it would make you feel kinda worthless if everyone else on the team can hold their own but you're the "weak link".  So while predictable, it made since that they did a "make Felicity feel like she's useful" episode.  Plus, I liked how they did this episode. First off, the scar comparison at the beginning was not only hilarious but classic Felicity. Also, it wasn't until the very end when Oliver stepped in to tell Felicity that she's "his girl".  To me it's typical Oliver to ignore things like this.  I also liked that Sara and Felicity had some moments together and it was Sara who first tells Felicity that she's a necessary member of the team.  I don't think it's an accident that it seems like Oliver is always the last one to notice when a member of his team is unhappy, unsure of their place or just needs some help.  It's one of his character flaws that, while he's still working on, is still a big issue. I also like that this was one of the first times Felicity has been out of the hideout on a mission and she's actually not just a damsel in distress.  Sure it wasn't perfect, but I do like the idea of Felicity being more mobile and not just being helpless.  Overloading Clock King's cellphone after taking a bullet for Sara?  Not bad.  The only real negative I have with this is that Roy was still left out.  He did get at least a cameo this episode so that's an improvement over the last one but he's supposed to be training.  Since he's been injected with the mirakuru and the episodes before showed him losing control, it's a little odd that he's now in control enough that Oliver isn't even keeping his training up.   Again, not a big deal but definitely an obvious side effect of having more characters on this show.

Lance Family - Everyone always talks about what the Queen family goes through but the Lance family has been through some rough stuff.  I like that they aren't sugar coating stuff with this family either.  First off, if Det. Lance and his wife got back together, it would have pissed me off a bit.  It would be too nice, clean and easy for this show.  I also liked that Oliver finally stood his ground and defended himself from Laurel.  Sure, it was pretty silly and awkward for Sara to invite Oliver to the Lance family dinner.  And when Dinah told Det. Lance she wasn't moving back to Starling City and that she was seeing someone, Oliver was sitting at the table like:

Then when it dawned on Laurel that Oliver & Sara were back together, I wasn't expecting Oliver to stand his ground but I'm glad he did.  Not because "Laurel was being a bitch" but because Laurel needed to hear this stuff to finally face her issues.  I've been one of the biggest Laurel defenders.  I get why people don't like the character.  But as I say week after week, she's been through the most out of any character that hasn't been to the island.  And she's been using that as an excuse to really not take responsibilities for her current situation.  I GET why Laurel acts the way she does and I think the character needs to go through all these things.  Laurel has had a huge chip on her shoulder (rightfully so) and tends to snap at every person who has wronged her, even if they've apologized and want her forgiveness and to be there for her.  Even though her relationship with Oliver might be a little bumpy right now, it was nice to see her reconcile with Sara.

Slade's First Move - Not much to say here but, Oliver and Slade looked at each other like:

Arrow really knows how to close out a show man.  The thing that really should make Oliver worried though is that Slade seems to be more in control than he was on the island when he was injected.

All in all a pretty solid episode.  I also liked how they revealed that Sin was the daughter of the pilot who crashed on the island and that's why Sara looks after her.  I still don't believe we'll leave this season with both Lance sisters alive.  If the writers take the easy way out, they'll kill Laurel because fans obviously like her the least.  But I think Sara is the one that's going to bite the bullet.  The character of Laurel has been through too much and has actually been developed too well to be killed off now.  By the end of this episode she's finally trying to get the help she needs and I think she's going to turn a corner.  I'd be very disappointed if they killed her off at this point because it would be lazy. Anyway, now that Slade has revealed that he's still alive to Oliver, the rest of the season is going to be very very interesting. I can't wait. I'm gonna be watching my TV like:



Charles (Kriss)


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    Terxav 2 March, 2014 at 21:43 Reply

    I think Sara inviting Oliver to the family dinner was beyond stupid. And it has been easy for Oliver to “say” how hard it was for him. But come on, Since returning from the island he has slept with the Huntress, summer glau, Sara & laurel lance. He dated the police officer before she left Star City and he keeps Felicity in the friend zone while getting jealous of her interest in Barry Allen.

    I am waiting on a explanation of Sara & Oliver’s pre island affair. I think Laurel needs to move to another city to get a fresh start, maybe Star City as a member of Flash’s support squad. She would make a good investigator and her knowledge of both sides of the court ailse could revitalize a character on another series.

    Or better yet have Laurel & Diggle move to Flash’s support team. Diggle brings field experience and would help a wet behind his ears hero come up to speed (definitely pun intended).

    That frees up space on team Arrow for Sara and Roy and Sin while giving I know Felicity will not leave Oliver, but I hope they give her a love interest vs. having her pine away for Oliver.

    And finally Thea, ok in season one she was in high school, and at the beginning of season two she is running a night club. Did the Queen family produce any offspring with a head for running a multinational business? Plus a 18-19 year old running a club that sales alcohol , her being in the club seems like a constant breaking of the law. College not being in Thea’s life currently is confusing, Oliver, Laurel, Sara and Tommy went to college with varying degrees of success. Oh well it will be fun watching what Slade will do now that he has stepped out of the shawows.

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      Darth Kriss 2 March, 2014 at 23:09 Reply

      Actually they did explain a bit of the Sara & Oliver thing before the island. It started off with Sara telling Laurel that she liked Oliver and then Laurel went after him. Then it also seemed like Oliver was a bit afraid of commitment and decided he was going to sabotage that relationship.

      I also doubt that they’ll move any of this cast to The Flash show. That show is going to have it’s own issue with having a lot of characters. I think some people are just going to have to die.

      As for Thea, i’m not shocked college isn’t in her life. She’s a Queen, so she doesn’t really need it. Her running the club is a bit of an issue if she is 18-19 but I think she might be closer to 20 or 21. She was 18/19 in season 1, then that was about a year. Then a few months (maybe longer) passed between the end of season 1 and season 2. Plus, as rich as the Queens are, i’m not shocked if bending the rules is happening

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        Terxav 3 March, 2014 at 03:24 Reply

        I remember the scenes where Laurel was talking to Sara about moving into an apartment with Oliver. While Sara was texting Oliver about the yacht trip. I guess all through season 1 and part of 2 I believed that Laurel was first and Sara was on the side. However now looking back I guess the yacht trip showed which Lance sister was closest to him. That gives him the flaws that make the show interesting. You have said it a number of times Oliver can be a jerk and super hypocritical.

        I know this will never happen given the age difference but Felicity and Diggle would make an interesting couple. But they did leave him in bed with his ex after rescuing her from Russia (if I am remembering correctly), it would make the dynamic of the arrow cave interesting. But it looks like some deaths are in the future for the team it is too crowded.

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    Darth Kriss 3 March, 2014 at 13:47 Reply

    Yeah I need to find the episode but I think it was the one right before the one where Laurel is talking to Sara about moving into in apartment with Oliver. It was a such a small throwaway line that the writers do frequently. I can’t remember how it came up but yeah, it came out that Sara was actually interested in Oliver first and let Laurel know and then Laurel went and scooped him up. I have to go back and find it.

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