Aquaman Part 2: Everyone Owes Peter David an Apology


The last Character Corner of 2018! Kriss & Dpalm finish out 2018 with Part 2 of Aquaman and lets just say, shit gets a bit crazy from here. For the first time ever, we have to start the episode out by recapping Part 1 just so you get a sense for how off the rails Aquaman gets from here on out. A lot of writers, some of our favorites included, owe Peter David an apology for dropping the ball and wiping out the meticulous and detailed history of Atlantis and Aquaman that he laid out in his run. Just a sample of the crazy shit that happens:

  • Atlantis gets sent back 3000 years and Arthur gets changed into a water wraith
  • Arthur meets the Lady of the Lake (yup, that Lady of the Lake) and gets his harpoon hand replaced with a magical water hand
  • Arthur Joseph Curry (don't make us do this)
  • Has his silver age origin suddenly wipe out all of what Peter David did
  • On and off again weakness of being out of the water too long
  • San Diego is sunk and the inhabitants can breathe underwater and so they changed the name to Sub Diego and Aquaman becomes their protector

And there's more. We told you this shit gets weird. Things finally start to get normal again when Geoff Johns writes the first three volumes of New 52 Aquaman. Dan Abnett's Rebirth Run as well as Scott Snyder's Drowned Earth Justice League crossover are also pretty good.

Give the episode a listen and let us know what you think. We'll be back in 2019 with the following line up to start the year:

  • The History of the Golden/Silver/Bronze/Modern Eras of Comic Books - January
  • Captain Marvel (all of them) - February
  • Shazam - March
  • Iron Man - April


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