Andor Season 1 Episodes 4 to 6


So far Andor has been doing a great job of telling it's story in 3-episode chunks. This latest 3 episodes (episodes 4 to 6) do a great job of not only showing the discontent mounting that leads to a rebellion but also it's just a great heist story. Episode 6 was extremely intense but it's made better by what is set up in episodes 4 and 5. What really makes Andor such a good show is how relevant it is. It shows how the real evil of the empire wasn't the Sith and space magic. It was regular looking people that did horrible things. The casual nature in which these episodes lay out how the empire was slowly taking everything from the natives of Aldhani under the guise of "helping" is what evil really looks like. 

Episode 4 also gives us Mon Mothma and one can only feel for her. First, her husband looks like Ted Cruz and well...he acts like him too. And then there's her daughter and she's kinda terrible as well. 


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