Andor Season 1 Episodes 10 to 12


Would have been nice if I released the episode about the final three episodes of Andor after we recorded them but hey, life happens. And by life I mean "i forgot". Sorry about that. 

Anyway, here's our discussion about the final three episodes of this first season of Andor. It really is one of the great shows on TV. I've seen a lot of folks complaining that "not enough people are watching" Andor but to be honest, I appreciate that. Andor reminds of us of all those great SciFi shows (like The Expanse) that got enough people to watch to get seasons but didn't have a huge following. I think I prefer that because I enjoy not having to read really bad opinions about SciFi from people who don't like SciFi. 

Andor's first season was a great look at what the lead up to a rebellion that sparks a galaxy-wide war looks like and we love it. It also gave us some of the greatest monologues we've had in a while. Luthen's on what he's sacrificed was just *chef kiss*.  

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