Alien vs Predator…Underrated or Massive Insult to Predator/Alien Mythos


We've been talking about it for a while and its finally here, we go back and revisit the first live action meeting of the Predator and Xenomorphs with Alien vs Predator. The battle lines are drawn not just in the movie but also in our discussion as some of us think this movie is better than its given credit for, while others disagree.  We discuss the Predator design, the action scenes, Sanaa Latham and why you should just "listen to black women". Also, its pointed out that the Alien Queen might be the "good guy" in all this since she's basically chained up as a slave to mass produce off spring for the Predators to kill. That's right, AVP is a slave movie. 

You're not gonna want to miss this episode. 



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Charles (Kriss)


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