Al Ewing’s Ultimates & Ultimates 2 – Comic Book Book Club


We're back with a new Comic Book Book Club. This time we're talking Al Ewing's Ultimates & Ultimates 2 run. This was 22 issues that were a direct ties to the events of New Avengers and Secret War that might have been one of Marvel's most important books at the time. If you tried reading Civil War 2 and couldn't understand Carol Danvers' behavior, then you should read Ultimates. Ewing explored Marvel cosmic and some really big ideas. He put together a very diverse team of really powerful people. He turned the Devourer of Worlds into the Life Bringer. He even put the Ultimate Universe's Ultimates against this Ultimates team (and kept them in this universe). 

This is a dense read but will have lasting impacts. Listen as we dive into what impressed us with this series.


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