Agents of Shield Season 5×9 Review – Mack & YoYo Resistance Fighters



We're quickly approaching the end of the first arc of this season of Agents of Shield so you know that means heart break is on the way. Agents of Shield does a great job of ensemble storytelling. We get two separate focuses, one on the team on the surface and the second with Mack & YoYo leading the resistance. On the surface we see Daisy struggling with the belief that she could be the one that causes the destruction of the earth. Should she get her powers back? Can she just be Daisy Johnson and not Quake? Oh and Fitz finally freaks out over the realization that they're in a time loop and therefore things can't change.

With Mack and YoYo, we get zombie Tess and Kasius revealing that he knows who YoYo is. So now the real question: Does he have a past version of Mack or YoYo locked up in that room telling him what's going to happen?

This show is great and we all need to be prepared for the heart break that is eventually coming. We all know it is.



Charles (Kriss)

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