Agents of Shield Season 5 Review – Silent But Deadly…It’s Always the Quiet Ones

That time of week again: Agents of Shield review time! So, Kasius didn’t die but he’s the only one that we thought died that survived. It works out though because we get a lot more background information on why Kasius was exiled. And we really get a lot more information on Sinara as well who seems to be the real dangerous one. It’s funny that a character that has barely spoken all season is the one that scares us (even moreso when she finally does speak). 
We also love the fact that while all this is going really bad, the agents don’t lose their sense of humor. Fitz being a little upset that he’s not given enough credit for all he went through to get to the future. Flint and Mack bond and we’re back to black fatherhood moments. We end the review with Dpalm’s theories on the end of Infinity War, what Avengers 4 is about and how it all ties into season 5 of Agents of Shield.



Charles (Kriss)

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