Agents of Shield Season 5 Episode 6 Review – Everyone Dies

Back from a short break, Agents of Shield season 5 continues to impress.  Episode 6, Fun & Games, Clark Gregg takes over as director to give us an episode that might as well be called "Everyone Dies".  We weren't prepared for all the people that get taken out this episode. We should have been though because Agents of Shield has never shied away from a body count. Fitz is finally reunited with Simmons and makes us realize that none of us love anyone as much as Fitz loves Simmons. We also get some great fight scenes with May vs Ben and Daisy vs Sinara. We love the way that they keep evolving how they have Daisy use her powers. And we get more information on Flint as he's rescued by YoYo after going through terrigenesis. 
This episode also pulls off something that can be tough for shows and that's seemingly killing off the villain and replacing them with someone else. It works for this episode because Kaisus's brother seems to be even more trouble than he is. Plus we still have Sinara around and she's scarier than both.

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