Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Cast Pic


Agents-of-Shield-Season-2-CastLook at all that diversity.  Marvel must really hate women and other minority characters.  *straight face*  White males are actually the minority in this picture.  It's good to see Tripplet in the picture.  Only thing really missing here are some black women but we know Raina is still around and I'm really hoping to see Akela Amador as well.  With SHIELD technically dissolved, Coulson can definitely use her help and I'm sure she'd want some revenge.

I can't wait for this show to come back.  Folks say "it got better" because of Captain America The Winter Soldier but I just think it stuck to it's plan to build the characters slowly and then hit us with the larger overall story.  I'm really interested in seeing where they go this season with Coulson as Director of SHIELD.  There's still so much we don't know about how he came back and what's going on with Skye being an "0-8-4".  Also Hydra is still around and so is Raina who I mentioned earlier.  We'll definitely see Mike Peterson, aka Deathlok, back as well.  So much can happen, I can't wait.  I've been trying to avoid a lot of the news about this upcoming season because I don't want to be spoiled.  Just a couple more weeks....



Charles (Kriss)

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