Agents of SHIELD Review: Face My Enemy


Kriss & Dpalm review the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD:  Face My Enemy.  May vs May action...SHE'S 50.

[quote]While on a mission to learn more about the secrets of the mysterious writing, Coulson finds himself attacked by the only person he can trust: Agent Melinda May. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is trapped in an explosive situation, and it's up to Fitz to save them - but is he up to it?[/quote]

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Charles (Kriss)


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    Terxav 20 October, 2014 at 15:58 Reply

    The show is great, May is, ….. forget the blue Kree serum somebody needs to check May’s DNA to figure out how to keep such a beautiful face and toned body.

    Anyway, the character development is coming along nicely there in only one thing that bothers me, why are the brothers relegated to being the support team? I mean I thought Triplett was going to be the replacement for Ward as a specialist. Having been trained by Garret but this season Lance swoops in and is put in the field while Triplett stays on the bus.

    Fitz is making progess, I wonder how the reunion will go with Simmons, he has been seeing her and talking to her but really only talking to himself. I wonder if the real Simmons will throw him off balance.

    There was an episode of TNG where Geordi was working on a problem in the holodec with a Dr. Leah Brahms, as the episode developed a somewhat romantic connection was formed culumating in a kiss. And is I remember something along the lines of “whenever you look at the engine you are looking at me” or something similar. And in a subsequent episode when meeting the actual Dr. Brahms things did not work out smoothly initially.

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