Agents of SHIELD Series Finale: Spies, Goodbye.


It's finally here. Seven years. Seven seasons. The end of an era. This is a bittersweet episode. The Super Tuesday Recap podcast exists because of Agents of SHIELD. We called it "Super Tuesday Recap" cause AoS used to come on Tuesday along with The Flash. Seven years later and while the show has switched days multiple time, we've been there to review and discuss for every episode. So while we loved this season and these last two episode are absolutely fantastic, there's still a little sadness that this is the end. At the same time, we have to celebrate the way this show goes out. It plays on our emotions and still gives us the happy ending. There are payoffs from season 1 that clearly make this a love letter to the fans that have been there since day one. 

Kriss and Dpalm are joined by Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips to give a finale "Spy's Goodbye" to the Agents of SHIELD. We talk about these two episodes and some of our favorite moments, why Agents of SHIELD felt different from any other show on TV, our favorite season/episode and more. Give it a listen.

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