Agents of Shield Season 5×18 Review – YoYo a Real One


This show.

Make us think Ruby is the Destroyer of Worlds only to kill her (graphically). Since the agents have made it back to their time they've been running from one crisis to another and it's keeping us off guard for what really brings about the end of the world.

There's a lot to like in this episode:

  • Two bad ass Asian women taking on the role using reserved for men
  • The men dealing wtih their emotions by talking while the women deal with it by beating up bad guys
  • Coulson & Mack setting Deke up (lemons)
  • Daisy trying to connect with Ruby; Yo-Yo having none of it
  • Damn it...they're really making us care about Talbot
  • Fitz & Simmons are the first to finally get it: in order to break the cycle they could have just died...



Charles (Kriss)

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