Agents of Shield Season 5×15 Review Hydra Hogwarts



Hail...excuse me...Hale...Hydra

How do you follow up an incredible Fitz episode which reveals the dark side of Fitz? With Hydra Hogwarts of course. We get the backstory on General Hale and it ties everything together. We find out how Hydra trained young kids to grow up to infiltrate not only SHIELD but all other parts of government. We find out the terrible choice Hale was given (I mean its still Hydra) and why she wants Coulson to help her join Hydra and SHIELD. We even get to find out what happened to Talbot (damn it, they made me start to care about him).

And this is all before we get Daisy confronting Fitz and Fitz not apologizing for a damn thing (and dropping his own heat). THIS SHOW IS SO DAMN GOOD!

Coulson uncovers General Hale's real agenda and it could be the end of the world if S.H.I.E.L.D. can't stop her.

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