Agents of SHIELD S7E9 Review: Friend Until the End


Gotta love this show.

First off, congrats to Elizabeth Henstridge for a wonderfully directed episode. Time loops episodes might seem like simple episodes to do but they're not. To make a good time loop episode it really comes down to building on the well defined characters and relationships as well as the cast knowing how to make subtle changes in their performances and this episode really does that. Agents of SHIELD also is written to really trust that the audience will get it.  This time loops starts halfway (maybe even 3/4) through the loops. 

This episode gives us an emotional sendoff for Enoch, some great "Father/Daughter" moments between Daisy and Coulson, confirms Daisy still has her powers, gives us a Daisy/Sousa relationship (or potential one) and gives us some really deep moments to think about family,  life and what it means to be alive. All in one episode. Oh and it makes us all realize that asking "Where is Fitz?" is going to lead to some answers we don't think any of us want.

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Charles (Kriss)

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