Agents of SHIELD S7E8 Review: Therapy Fighting


This week the Agents are still in the 80's but we take a trip to a place we've been before in previous seasons: After Life. To help fix the time drive, Elena needs her speed back and to figure out what's wrong, they need someone familiar with Inhumans. Enter Jiaying, Daisy's mother. There are several key things that happen this episode:

  • May's "empathy" powers are increasing. She now doesn't have to touch someone to feel what they're feeling
  • Elena's powers were never gone, she was just holding herself back. Also turns out that when she uses her powers, she doesn't have to bounce back to the place she started. She's just a regular speedster
  • Jiaying had another daughter (Daisy has a sister) who was supposed to die but has now teamed up with Malik (who is now evil Quake). With Nathan taking over Afterlife and driving Jiaying and Gordon out, it makes me wonder if this is when Jiaying meets up with Calvin Zabo and conceives Daisy?

That last one there brings up the interesting question again of how much is actually changing in the history of Shield and the Agents. Maybe in some ways all these things were meant to happen. It will be interesting seeing how all this plays out.

Also it's well past the time to start worrying about where Fitz is. 

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