Agents of SHIELD S7E7 Review: The Deke Squad


At this point why even review this season of Agents of SHIELD? There's just no point because it's so good and so fun. This episode is full of 80's cliches and winks to the audience and we love it. Which is good because the episode starts off pretty rough and sad following Mack dealing with the reality that his parents are dead and that his younger self and brother are having to be raised by their uncle. 

On top of that, it's really starting to look like the agents are becoming fully ingrained in the history of SHIELD. Mack and Deke being left 1982 seems more like part of the plan (Like Enoch being left in episode 2) than a mistake. Also we're starting to get close to the team having to interact with their own history from the show and we can't wait.

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Charles (Kriss)

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