Agents of SHIELD S7E6 Review: Playing Dirty


Shame what happened to Mack's parents...

We think the Chromicons undersold it when they said they were going to "Play Dirty" going forward. This is just downright evil. It also opens up a lot of questions. Why would the Chromicons replace and kill Mack's parents instead of just killing and replace Mack? What is keeping the Chromicons from attacking the Agents directly?

The answer might come down to Sybil aka, the Predictor. She's clearly got a larger plan in place and not only sees all the threads but all the possibilities happening in the timeline. It also seems like she's basing the changes to the time line on percentages of predictability and maybe killing the agents directly is just too high of a risk. 

This week we got a  bit more information on what's going on with Simmons and some hints as to where Fitz is. Also, there's more and more evidence that at some point we're going to end up back at where we started with all the Agents. Once again proving that the show's tagline of "It's All Connected" is really true.

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