Agents of SHIELD S7E4 Review: Agents of Status Quo


Well apparently Dpalm writes for Agents of SHIELD now because he was absolutely right about this show was going to do with Daniel Sousa. What's so great about Agents of SHIELD is that they always drop hints as to what they're going to do. They told us a couple episodes ago that removing someone from the timeline could effectively be like killing them and not messing up the timeline and now we have 1955 Daniel Sousa time hopping with the other Agents of SHIELD. How can you not love this show?

Also, we're really coming full circle here with SHIELD vs Hydra. It's really exciting to see where this ends up. There's two big questions: 1. where in the present do the Agents end up and 2. Where is Fitz!?!?

It will also be interesting to see how what's happening with YoYo and May ends up tying everything from last season together. This show is so good.

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