Agents of SHIELD S7E3 Review: Moist


Leave it to the Agents to find a hilarious way to interrogate people to see if they're Chronicoms. Listen, "moist" is a weird word that is going to get some kind of reaction from a human. This show always finds ways to insert humor into the most serious situations. 

  • While we're still holding out for our Agent Peggy Carter appearance, it was great to see Daniel Sousa show up. Even better is the tie-in to him trying to expose the fact that SHIELD and other government agencies have been infiltrated (by what we know is Hydra)
  • Dpalm has a pretty good theory on what can happen with Sousa and it ties into something that was brought up inn the first two episodes
  • We love the team-ups on this show that also reveal deeper issues and get into more character development. Both May and YoYo are both struggling with the effects of what happened to them last season
  • Gotta love how seamless this show brings up the racism and sexism of the time periods. It's not heavy handed but also not ignored. For a show with a cast as diverse as Agents of SHIELD, we appreciate them bringing up the fact that the 1950's weren't that great for certain groups
  • Once again, gotta say, the Chronicoms plans aren't that bad. They are villains but they have a pretty good villain plain
  • Where is Fitz? How long was Simmons "gone" to build all of what she built and gain this knowledge? We know the reveal is gonna be  mind blowing

We continue to love  how this final season is bringing us full circle with SHIELD and Hydra and can't wait for the next episode.

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