Agents of SHIELD S7E2 Review – Calvary May


Agents of SHIELD always finds new ways to throw in wrinkles and up the stakes and this last season is no different. In the first episode Simmons told us that they wouldn't know when the next time wave would pull them to the next moment in time but with everything else going on we kinda forgot about it. And it seems like the other Agents kinda glossed over that as well. Now Enoch is stuck in the past with Koenig and we now have to wonder, was this always part of the timeline? Did SHIELD's existence always come from this team protecting the future? We don't know but we like where this is going.

  • What's up with May? Has she just resorted back to Calvary May or is she an incomplete LMD/Chronicom?
  • Of course it's Super Soldier serum
  • We love this Simmons
  • We know what side of the"Would you kill baby Hitler?" hypothetical Daisy is on
  • Enoch got an upgrade that gave him some hands's still a robot trying to fight Agent May

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