Agents of SHIELD S7E11 Review: Family


The end is almost here and we're definitely not ready for it. This week it was announced that there will be a prop auction for Agents of SHIELD and that suddenly made it real that the show is finally coming to an end. But we're not there just yet. This week, Iain De Caestecker finally makes his season 7 appearance and we get a few more hints as to the whereabouts of Fitz but it doesn't feel like we're going to like the answers. On top of that it seems that Sybil and Nathan have finally gotten what they wanted and destroyed SHIELD. But we also get confirmation that this is definitely an alternate timeline (we have thoughts on when the split actually happened and its before this season). So while it seems like the bad guys have won right now, we see some openings for the team to right everything. And we know when they do it, they'll do it as a family.

We'll be watching the series (still hard to say this) finale live on Wednesday. Then the final MTR Network Agents of SHIELD review will have our friend and special guest, Karen from the Black Guy Who Tips Podcast on. 

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