Agents of SHIELD S7E10 Review: Playing the Hits


We're only three episodes away from the series finale of Agents of SHIELD. And technically we're only 2 away because the finale episode is always 2 episodes. When we say it out loud it makes us both sad and very, very afraid. It's sad that we're so close to the end of this great series. It's frightening because we can only imagine how this show is going to wrap everything up and the fate of these characters.

This episode proves that the "ripples not waves" rules are completely out of the window at this point. While the team stopped the majority of the Chronicoms, Sybil and Nathan (along with some choices made by the team itself) have clearly changed the timeline. The question then becomes, how does all this get wrapped up and what happens now? Also, where is Fitz and what has he done? We've gone 10 episodes without seeing  him and for a moment, this episode even makes us wonder if he's even alive. But Sybil seems to think he is and Simmons is clearly the key to finding him. 

We have some theories on what is going to happen next and Kriss seems to make a surprise promise that is years in the making (Of course he could just be trolling everyone).

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Charles (Kriss)

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