Agents of SHIELD S7E1 Review: The King Is Back


Oh it's been too long. WAY TOO LONG. But The King is Back. Agents of SHIELD is back for it's seventh and final season. Oh how we've missed this show. This season is picking up right where we left off last season and is promising to bring us full circle. To save SHIELD in the future the team has to save Hydra? Oh yeah let's do it. Between Agents and Legends of Tomorrow, we have two shows that know how to have a fun time but also hit us in our feelings right when we least expected it. Seeing LMD Coulson get the rush of emotions of experiencing all that he's been through the last 2 years including his death and final goodbyes was rough. But it's also nice to know that he's basically the same Coulson with the same bad jokes (with a basic super power upgrade). 

Also gotta appreciate the racism and sexism they slipped into the episode sine the team is back in 1931. I mean, Mack might be Director of SHIELD but he's still a large black man in 1931. We appreciate the historical accuracy. 

Listen as we discuss this episode and strap in, it's gonna be a fun finale season.

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