Agents of Shield Review – S3E8 Many Heads, One Tale


Many Heads, One Tale is such an appropriate title for this week's episode of Agents of Shield. Basically its all about coming back to the traditional Hydra vs SHIELD tale we've come to know. Dpalm and I have talked about how we were waiting for the three major story-lines on this season to converge and this is the episode that brings everything together. And it does it well. Agents of SHIELD is really cook on all cylinders right now. It's amazing that a show that follows The Flash can in ways continue to not only keep the excitement high but continually elevate it.

Instead of writing this week, we did a pretty long Super Tuesday Recap for this week's episode, so make sure you download it and check it out. We cover everything. From Darth Ward proving he's evil for good to the Spy vs Spy stuff that keeps us guessing. Also if you're interested in some comic book suggestions we throw those in there as well.

Don't forget, leave us a 5 Star Review on the Super Tuesday Recap feed and we'll read it on air. Next week Agents of Shield is on break but we're going to try to throw in our Jessica Jones Netflix review then. So Stay Tuned!



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