Agents of SHIELD Revisit – Season 2 Episodes 1 to 11


Kriss & Dpalm are back to continue their rewatch of Agents of SHIELD with the first 11 episodes of Season 2. It's an understatement to say that business definitely picks up. Looking back at these 11 episodes, we can see the pace that AoS sets that is really just unmatched by any other show. This show also does a great job of establishing that character progression has happened in between the seasons and expects that the audience is capable of keeping up. We see Coulson trying to be director while also trying to hide his urge to carve weird alien writing in the wall, a complete change in Skye (even before her inhuman transformation) into a deadly and very capable SHIELD agent, the split between Fitz and Simmons, a softer side of May AND we get new team members like Hunter, Bobbi and Mack who fit right in. 

And then there's Ward and the fact that you're led to believe that maybe, just maybe there's some hope to redeem him and then he just doubles down on being psychopath and it's glorious. Not many shows are capable of packing this much action, character development and story development into 11 episodes without at least one of those three things suffering. AoS does it and it does it by following the simple concept of "It's all connected"

Listen as we talk about these first 11 episodes of Season 2 and we'll be back later this month to wrap up the season. 

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