Agents of Shield Review – S3E6 Among Us Hide…


Agents of Shield has become such an amazing show. Marvel and ABC took a risk by having a TV show that’s connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but wasn’t going to have any of the Avengers on it. Instead they decided to focus on SHIELD, an agency they ended up almost completely wiping out mid-way through the first season. The way they were able to make this work was the focus on the characters and their relationships with each other. Its easy to look back at season 1 and not appreciate the journey that has made the characters in this season so much stronger and different from their origins. But I think those season 1 ties are going to play a major factor this season.

Agents-of-SHIELD-Among-Us-Hide-Mac-Daisy-HunterLet’s take Daisy. When she first was “recruited” by Coulson, she was a hacker that was fighting against the secretive SHIELD. She wanted to spread the word and tell the truth to the world. In season 1, she was always an outsider and never career SHIELD. Since then, she’s become one of Coulson’s most valuable field agents but despite the new powers and the name change, Daisy still has a lot of her Skye personality. She’s a SHIELD Agent because of the team she’s grown to consider family. Coulson’s relationship with ATCU (and Rosalind) is going to lead to Daisy and Coulson bumping heads. Coulson may not 100% approve of the ATCU facility, but he understands. SHIELD used to do the same thing the ATCU is doing. This is the gray area of SHIELD that we haven’t seen in a couple of seasons but if Coulson is going to rebuild and bring back the organization, things like this are going to happen. Of course this is going to cause direct conflict with Daisy who was clearly upset by what she saw (Notice, Hunter and Mack weren’t that phased by it).

One of the most enjoyable things about this season is that the show is allowing SHIELD to tackle multiple issues and threats at the same time by deploying different teams to the field. I believe this is our first time seeing Bobbi and May working together and I want to see more. When it comes to non-powered individuals, they’re the two most skilled fighters Coulson has. And even then, I think they can both take Daisy…easy. I think its awesome that the Heavy Hitters of SHIELD are all women right now. I also love that it was May who gave Bobbi the pep talk (and ass whooping) to get her back into field readiness. Bobbi had a very traumatic experience with Ward and it makes sense that along with her physical recovery, she was also mentally not ready. May knew exactly what Bobbi needed to do and didn’t hold back from telling her.

agents-of-shield-among-us-hide-lashSo, for the record, Dpalm called Andrew being Lash. I think it’s an awesome reveal that raises so many questions. The biggest being: When did this happen? Now the easy answer is to say that Andrew had some fish oil while on vacation with May and that’s why he left. Two problems I have with that. First, May would have noticed that Andrew had transformed unless he’s just really good with clean up. The bigger problem with this theory though is that Andrew seems to have way too much control over his powers as Lash. That takes training. So who trained Andrew to use his powers and why? As we pointed out on the recap, Lash seems to be hunting down former members of Afterlife. That’s why he seems to be so laser focused on Lincoln right now. Plus the other two Inhumans that Alisha tried to help save were also former After Life members. We know there are various Inhuman tribes out there, is Andrew/Lash from another one and his job is to hunt down and punish Afterlife Inhumans for exposing themselves to the world? Next week’s episode is going to be very interesting.

A Few quick points:

  • Ward and Gideon were like two Sith Lords playing a chess match. Also,nice throw back to the first Avengers and the World Security Council. You know, the Council that approved sending a nuke to New York
  • Gotta start calling Hunter “Leroy Jenkins” because dude is such a reckless loose canon. Remember though, like Daisy, he was never SHIELD either
  • If you watch the episode a second time, Andrew’s behavior and what he says are even more creepy and take on new meaning. “Maybe its our PhDs. Makes them underestimate just how strong we are”
  • Mack needs to be in charge of giving everyone codenames like Cisco on The Flash. I like Daisy as Tremors more than Quake right now.
  • I don’t think Fitz is hiding the results from Simmons. I think the simulations really failed but he is going to find a way to get back Will.

This show hasn’t slowed down since the destruction of SHIELD in season 1. It says a lot about how good this show is that it can follow up The Flash and yet keep my excitement and entertainment levels elevated. I can’t wait to see what they do with the rest of this season. Make sure to check out our Super Tuesday Recap of this episode, Among Us Hide…, on iTunes, Stitcher or direct download.



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