Agent Carter S2E6 Life of the Party, S2E7 Monsters


Dpalm & Kriss are back to review this double episode of Agent Carter, Life of the Party and Monsters. Kriss isn't happy with Whitney Frost for going after Mrs. Jarvis. We also talk about how because this show is isolated from having to tell a bigger story, there's little pressure and iat's just fun to watch. We might not really know what the end game is with Zero Matter but the characters make it fun.Also, has Kriss become a Wilkes-Carter shipper?

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Charles (Kriss)

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    Terxav 19 February, 2016 at 16:34 Reply

    I was cracking up when you championed the Peggy – Wilkes connection. YES, let the brother get the woman vs. Souza who had the chance and dropped the ball.

    Maybe the wound was affecting Peggy’s usual logical mind, putting Dottie in the midst of a group of powerful men with secrets waiting to be exploited is what Dottie has trained for most of her life.

    We have seen four people interrogate Dottie this season, two failed and two were successful. It is interesting how the genders match the results. Red and Thompson tried to threaten violence, Peggy told Dottie basically you are not as good as me, now what? And Whitney went in immediately for the kill. I think Dottie was expecting some of the banter she gets with Peggy. But Whitney has plans and needs information – if you can not help then you die.

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