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Movie Reviewss – Tired of nitpicking and pretentious film critics who seem to end up hating on a film because it’s more of a job to them than something they enjoy to do? Well check out our reviews. We try to make a point of explaining what we liked and didn’t like about a film so that our audience is informed. Even if we don’t like a film, you still might listen to our review and be able to prepare yourself so that you can still find some way to enjoy it.

TV Show Reviews – Ever notice how some reviewers will watch one episode of a TV show, trash (or praise it), then never watch another episode? We don’t do that here. TV Shows are different from Movies. It sometimes takes a whole season for you to realize that the episode you saw earlier in the season was a lot better than you remember. We also don’t review every TV Show when it airs. Reviewing every TV Show is a good way to get burned out and turn what should be fun entertainment into a full time job. With Streaming & VOD options sometimes reviewing a TV show after binge watching makes the show even more enjoyable

Insanity Check Podcast The Podcast that started it all. Kriss hosts the Insanity Check Podcast and brings on various guests to discuss everything from Nerdy discussions about Movies/TV Shows and Videogames to Politics, Social Issues, MMA and random crazy/strange news.

Character Corner – A recent addition to the line up, Kriss & Dpalm pick a comic book character and break down their history and key comic book issues to read. With the explosion in popularity comic book movies are getting, this show helps you learn more about the characters before you see them on the big screen.

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