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After Jack threw Ian & Margot out the window like a scorned woman throws out her lover’s stuff when she finds out he cheated on her….I really didn’t know if the next episode could live up to that. But Episode 10 definitely kept the adrenaline running. With only 3 episodes left I feel like the show runners are going to turn these episodes into a non-stop action like the movie Crank. And I’m here for it. Here’s the rundown for this week’s episode.

Run Navarro, Run

Benjamin-Bratt-Steve-Navarro-running-24-Live-Another-Day-Episode-10Steve Navarro running from Jack Bauer was the funniest thing ever to me. Mainly because you can tell he was scared shitless. I don’t blame him either. Only thing scarier than Jack Bauer running after you is a maybe a bear. Maybe. I find it hilarious that Navarro was doing all this traitorous shit but had no backup plan for escaping. Adrian Cross knew this and pretty much set Navarro up to take the fall. Navarro gave up the device but didn’t even make sure he had a vehicle to get him outta the area. Navarro made rookie mistakes. Oh and shoutout to the British Army guy who got jacked for his loaded assault rifle by Navarro. Come on man. Terrorist threat in the area and you’re chatting it up with locals and get your weapon taken from you?


24-live-another-day-chloefaceI actually joined Brandon, Sterling & Jax on their weekly 24 review. You can listen to it here. One of the funniest parts was when we started talking about how much we hate Chloe’s face. To be honest, maybe this makes me a bad 24 loyalist but I’ve never been a fan of Chloe. She always came off as a bit unstable. I've never really liked her. Sure, she's the smartest tech person in the room and has been instrumental in helping Jack in his war against...well...anyone in his way. But still, she just comes off as whiny and annoying to me. Her most badass moment was the season when she let fly that M-16 but every other time she’s just annoying to me. This season has put me over the edge. Here constant whining after Jack saved her has just been too much. Then the minute she agreed to go back with Adrian last episode, I was pretty much done. She’s such a smart person when it comes to technology but outside of that she’s just naïve and awkward. She reminds me of Tina from Bob’s Burgers. This entire episode she seemed like she was under Adrian’s spell. And seeing how I’ve always gotten a smarmy, Julian Assange feel from that guy, I can’t understand how she sides with him. Sure, she did “try” to escape with the device but as far as I’m concerned it never should have gotten to that point. She was told by Cross that he was taking the device back and that he was going to use it for some nefarious plans. I mean she JUST saw what the device was almost used for and she thought Cross and his band of Wikileaks fuckers would be the right people to hold that device? Yeah I’m sorry but Fuck Chloe this season. Oh and then right before he catches a bullet Cross tells her that her family really did die in an accident and it had absolutely nothing to do with the US Government (or Chinese or Russians) coming after her. Smh.

"Just so we're clear…I wasn't asking…I was being courteous"

Sitting bare skin in front of an angry Jack Bauer is as risky as cooking bacon with no shirt on

Sitting bare skin in front of an angry Jack Bauer is as risky as cooking bacon with no shirt on

Poor Erik. First there was the look on his face when Kate looked at him like “nah man, you’re the senior agent, it’s your job to break the news about Navarro”. Erik was sick. He wanted Kate’s job not Navarro’s. Then Jack Bauer comes in and completely disrespects his authority. Jack was cool letting Erik think he was in charge until Erik tried to educate Jack on things like “limits” and “rules & regulations” when it came to interrogation. I can’t even blame Jack for being an asshole to this. After all the shit Jack’s done why on earth did Erik think he needed to explain the rules to Jack? And why did he think Jack gives ONE fuck about the rules? Hell, earlier this season Erik brought Jack in FOR interrogation. Erik was trying to show that as the boss he was the big dick in charge but Jack whipped his out and then smacked Erik in the face with it.

"I can assure you that full immunity is not on the table but your hand is"

Jack plays "pin the tail on Navarro's fingers"

Jack plays "pin the tail on Navarro's fingers"

Navarro really was trying to act like he was a badass. He saw Jack walk in and really thought he could handle it. But I’m pretty sure he was shitting his pants. Anyone who knows Jack’s record knows that the company (CIA) approved interrogation techniques are NOT the way he does things. This is the guy who shot his friend’s wife in the leg to make his friend talk. Jack is great at finding a soft spot and going for it. In this case, Jack’s plan the entire time was to get Navarro out of the interrogation room. So he smashed his hand with the butt of his gun like he was banging a nail with a hammer. Navarro wasn’t ready for that. You can tell Navarro knew that Jack could only do so much and that Erik wouldn’t let it go too far. But he wasn’t ready for that 10 seconds of hand smashing. How that’s not the hand he uses to jerk off with. So that was part 1 of the plan. Part 2 involved Kate Morgan.

Navarro copping to everything all the way back to his childhood

Navarro copping to everything all the way back to his childhood

I’m going to go ahead and start making Jack Bauer/Kate Morgan 2016 bumper stickers and t-shirts. Next to Batman & Robin there really isn’t a better dynamic duo. And real talk, they might be better because calling either one of them Robin is just insulting.   I really love the character of Kate Morgan. It’s clear the show wants her to have a bigger role because unlike previous characters who had flashes of badassery, Kate’s character has really been developed to the point where she’s the female Jack Bauer. They played the ever living fuck outta Navarro (and Erik). Navarro really thought Kate was going to shoot him and that Jack would have to take her out. Not going to lie…they played it so well I THOUGHT THE SAME THING. I immediately had flashbacks of Jack shooting Curtis. So we know Jack has ZERO issues putting a bullet in an ally in order to complete a task or mission. But it turns out, it was just all a plan. This is when I knew Kate was gonna replace Jack. She’s just too good at this.

That’s not your girl anymore Mark

At this point I don’t know what’s more pathetic, Robin Thicke’s ridiculous public attempts to get Paula Patton back after his fuckups or Mark giving into his insecurities and giving Audrey yet another reason why she should go to Jack. In Mark’s defense, Audrey really did hit him with the “non-answer answer” when he asked her about Jack. She was changing the subject and turning it back on him. Granted, Mark is being super insecure but let’s not pretend Audrey isn’t thinking up her exist strategy so she can get back with Jack. So of course Mark being the insecure guy he is, he gives up Jack’s location to the Russians. And just like last time…it’s premature because they actually still need Jack to save the world. Mark gotta stop acting out of his emotions because Jack is taking his girl. As if Jack being killed/taken in by the Russians is going to make Audrey love Mark again. She’s just gonna figure out he was behind it and hate him even more then. Come on Mark…time to just accept Audrey is gone.

"Stay focused on your job and stop worrying about me"

Again…Erik stays losing to Jack. Only thing missing in the dialogue between Erik & Jack was jack putting a dash of racism in his words. I needed Jack to call Erik a “boy” at some point. “Look here boy…I was running Ops when you were still in JROTC in High School”. Once again, I can’t blame Jack either. Erik really out here lecturing Jack like Jack is a rookie agent. Erik was talking to Jack like Jack didn’t shoot and kill his best friend. Erik should know that if Chloe gets in the way of Jack completing his mission, he WILL put a bullet in her. That’s just the Jack Bauer way. He can mourn her death in the downtime between seasons.

Cheng shows up like...

Gotta love how Cheng and the Chinese terrorists just showed up. I mean they literally came out of nowhere. So now we got Cheng AND the Russians basically in the same area. This gonna get good. That’s if any of the Russians live. How the hell did they ambush Jack & Kate and still take the first couple of L’s? Jack & Kate about to go back-to-back against the Russians and kill every last one of them.



You sunk my Battleship


How do you top blowing up the US president (or at least pretending to)? How about by starting World War 3

They really did that. They really did. See, this is what happens when you have a shortened season. Normally they would have ended the episode with the torpedoes being fired at the Chinese aircraft carrier and then we would have gotten the clock tick down and the end of the episode. Nope. Not this season. They really blew up that ship. We ended this episode with what could be the beginning of World War 3. Man I LOVE this season of 24. I don’t know what folks are complaining about. Sure it’s shorter but I think the shorter season has worked wonders for it. I don’t know if it would work with a full 24 episodes just because they would have to put in a lot more filler and more confusing twists and turns.   I think cutting the season in half actually gave new life to the series and I’m loving it. This was a great episode after last week’s and with only 2 more left this season I expect more of the same. I can’t wait.



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