24 Live Another Day Review: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm


This episode was a bit slower than the previous episode but it literally ends with a bang (or should I say boom?). I'll start with the negatives before going into my recap of what I liked. After the high octane, adrenaline pumping action of the previous episode, the tone shift in this episode is a bit slow. This happens all the time with 24. They hit you with an episode that is so fast paced then the next episode has to be setup. It doesn't bother me that much and in the grand scheme of things, it's clearly necessary. On its own this episode could be considered "boring" but when you look at it as a piece of a larger puzzle, it's necessary.

The biggest thing about this episode is the President deciding he's going to end this terrorist threat by turning himself in to Margot. It’s bold and gutsy move but his reasoning makes sense. President Heller admits to Jack that he's suffering from Alzheimer's and that he would 24-live-another-day-episode-9-Heller-Audreyhave to resign eventually anyway. So Heller wants this to be his last act. He's going to resign the Presidency and stop any more bloodshed from happening. Normally this would be a ridiculous plan but oddly enough, I actually believe Margot would keep her word. She's in this for revenge not to really make a statement. Killing Heller and getting revenge was always more important than destroying London or killing innocents.  If anything, I'm wondering how Ian is going to react.  He seems to be more in it for the overall cause instead of just revenge like his mother.  But back to President Heller.  Heller is a noble guy. It was sad seeing him spending that last moment with Audrey and she had no idea he was really saying goodbye. I need to also point out that while I still don't trust Mark and I do believe he's going to use this current situation to cover his ass and betray Jack....he actually had a moment where he had a backbone this episode. When Audrey found out what here father was going to do and was going to stop him, Mark stood his ground and did the right thing. I appreciate that. Mark's been making a lot of dumb decisions based purely off of jealousy and love.  I really expected him to cave to Audrey and put a stupid plan in motion that would end up ruining what Jack & the President were doing for the worse.  So I have to applaud him for growing a pair.

For a smart guy I can't believe Jordan fell for the old "are you sure the safety is off?" trick. I mean he took the assassin's gun, of course the safety wasn't on. I know folks hate these kinds of TV/Movie tropes but they’re never 24-live-another-day-episode-8-kate-morgangoing away so they don’t bother me. It was just hilarious because there was this long pause and you just knew Jordan wasn’t going to be able to help himself. But outside of that, Jordan really is shaping up to be Kate Morgan’s Chloe. He was able to figure out Navarro set him up and then laid a trap for the assassin. He still got stabbed but I don’t think he’s dead. He survived a gunshot, what’s a little stab wound? I know Jordan will survive because I need Kate Morgan to have her own show. This is the second episode with not enough Kate Morgan. They built her up after having her torture and kill those guys and now for the last two episodes she really hasn’t had much to do. We get glimpses of her badassery but it’s not enough. She pulled the gun on the doctor and forced him to wake Simone up. She needs to take over. I love Jack but he’s had 9 seasons. I’m ready for the Kate Morgan show. And the closer we get to the end of the season, the more I believe that’s what’s going to happen. The whole deal with Adrian Cross, Navarro, Kate Morgan and her husband just seems like too big of a subplot for them to deal with over the next 2 episodes. I really believe Season 10 will just give us the next 12 hours and hopefully delve into what exactly Adrian Cross is up to and having Kate getting revenge for her husband.

I'm going to go with Heller still being alive. Remember, Chloe was hacking the data streams for the drone but didn't know what they did (shoutout to Chloe for hacking military grade drones using a laptop and shitty Starbucks Wi-Fi). She could have easily made Margot & Ian believe that Heller was still standing there when the drone fired. Not that I have a problem if Heller is in fact dead. I mean that’s one way to raise the bar: let’s blow up a sitting US President. But it would be sooooooooo 24 if Heller in fact wasn’t dead. Either way, the last 10 minutes of this episode are so intense. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for something to happen to save Heller at the last minute. But it didn’t happen (at least it appeared to not happen). I just wish the rest of the episode had been as intense. I understand why it wasn’t and it’s not like this was bad filler. But after last episode this was pretty tame.

My two favorite Quotes from this episode:
Jack yelling "So wake the bitch up" to Kate over the phone. Followed by Kate going to confront the doctor about waking up Simone and saying "that's the first time you said probably" when the doctor said it would “probably” kill Simone.



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