2017 Fall Preview: The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Inhumans and Agents of Shield


It's hard to believe but it's that time again: The Return of the Fall Comic Book TV Shows. It's hard to imagine but 6 years ago all we had was Arrow. Now there's almost too many shows to count (or review). 

But before we get into the preview of the fall season, we're going to give you a taste of our MailBag discussions that we will be having with the super Tuesday Recap. Today we're starting off with Dpalm gushing over the latest issue of Detective Comics, Kriss talks Marvel Legacy #1 and then a preview of our "Fixing the DCEU" series starting wtih why Matt Reeve's Batman film needs to have Robin.

Then we get into the shows:

  • The Flash
    • How does Season 4 rebound from a really terrible 3rd season?
    • Does this have the strongest new set of cast members out of all the CW shows?
    • Are we going to FINALLY get the Rogues done right?
  • Arrow
    • Is there any way for Season 6 to live up to what Season 5 accomplished? 
    • Adding William can make this all go really bad, really fast
  • Legends of Tomorrow
    • Will this be the sleeper hit out of all the CW shows? Season 2 doesn't get enough credit for how consistent and good it was
    • Grodd is back and why is Darhk seemingly found a better place on Legends than on Arrow?
  • Inhumans
    • Is there anyway to save this show after the barrage of poor word of mouth and bad early critic reviews?
    • Is Kevin Feige just waiting for this to fail so he can give James Gunn a crack at the Inhumans in MCU Cosmic?
  • Agents of Shield
    • Is this the last season and are we all okay with that?

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